122x122mm IR ceramic heat emitter

Topright Made kinds of ceramic infrared heaters, the topright brand ceramic IR heaters are highly efficient more than 96%.Ceramic infrared heater offers precise targeting and control with minimal peripheral heat. It is possible to apply heat only where and when it is required. The energy in an infrared heater is transmitted at the speed of light from the element to the product. A constant rate of heating is obtained because the source temperature is normally much higher than that of the product even at the end of the heating cycle.Uses for electric infrared heat can be found in many industries applications and can be grouped into four major categories:Curing;Drying ;Heating ;Cooking ;Saunas.
122x122mm IR ceramic heat emitter Infrared Ceramic Heaters 第1张

Topright Brand Ceramic Infrared Heater Feature:
1.Durable, splash-proof, non-corrosive finish
2.Watt densities from 3 w/cm² (tolerance within +/- 2% )
3.Maximum temperature output is 700 oC (1292 F)
4.Available color in white/ black/yellow
5.Standard voltages: 220/230v
6.Estimated life in excess of 10,000 hours
7.Available With thermocouple & without thermocouple

Topright Brand Ceramic Infrared Heater Application:
1.Pre-heating of plastic sheets for vacuum forming
3.drying paints, lacquer
4.varnish curing, drying printing inks
5.drying textiles
6.activating adhesives
7.removing surface water from objects or moisture removal from fabric and paper
8. animal husbandry and rearing.

122x122mm IR ceramic heat emitter Infrared Ceramic Heaters 第2张

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