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Since 2001, Topright Industrial Technology is engaged in the development, design, production and sales in one of the sales of industrial electric heating technology company, according to the customer needs, provide tailored solution of design, committed to the electric heating and temperature measurement in the field of development more than 10 years, constantly pursuit of technological value-added products,promote industry technology progress, Topright products have been exported to Europe, the americas, Asia, etc. More than 100 countries.

Topright’s main products as follow,

Electric heating series( Tubular heater, electric heating wire, electric band heater, electric pplate heater, hot runner heater, far-infrared heaters, ceramic heater etc. )

Temperature measuring series (Therrmocouple, thermal resistance, bimetallic thermometer, transmitter, compensation cable etc. )

High quality management and thoughtful attentive service creat First-class enterprise ,procurement of raw materials into the factory, the production process control, from the factory until the final finished products, we master and check any progress,ensure that all resources fully efficient operation in the production.Topright also set up a perfect sales service system, Based on the market and customer needs , and provide a full range of personalized solutions, which has won long-term trust and support of many customers. Find the right partner and do the right business in the right place at the right time,Topright run with you together!